Chyu Project [EASTEREGG_FONETIKA] is MMORPG video game of alternative reality. It features countless powerful monsters against which are heroes who are committed to protecting their race and discovering the world in which they live. Heroes have a choice of a wide range of combat modes so that each player can find the way that suits him.

Already since 2016 we have been playing the idea that we want to create a game that will bring something new to gamers. Since mid-2018 we have really started working on it. At the time we were a small team of four people, each doing what was just happening. Well, and that’s actually the stage we are now, so when we launch, I’ll update this again.

The development of our game is maintained by us, the company Chyu s. r. o., When we are registered in the Commercial Register of the City of Prague under the tax identification number [COMPLETE]. More information about our company can be found directly on our website or in the legal information section.

We want to bring the community a game with a friendly community that will not be a daily routine for it and will feel safe in it. We place great emphasis on simplicity so that players do not take too long to understand the game, but instead they can play. In addition to fighting, whether recreational or competitive, we also want to offer a number of side activities that can be exhilarated after a busy day. How we do it and what we have to do is learn here.

We are always looking for talented creatures to help us improve our game! Take a look at the breakdown of the positions we are looking for, and if you think you are in the conditions listed in the ad, do not hesitate to call us! If the position you are looking for is not on the list of positions you are looking for, let us show you as we have already mentioned, talents are constantly looking for.


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After receiving a receipt to accept payment, please wait up to 15 minutes, that is, the time that our systems need to process your purchase. If you have not even gotten away after this time, please try restarting the client and logging in again if the problem persists, contact us for customer support.

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